Paint and Sip Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a special birthday, a private Paint and Sip birthday party session is just the ticket.

Thank you for choosing Paint Pinot to host your birthday celebration. We are very excited to offer our venue and our amazing team to help make your event a memorable one. We can host your birthday celebration any time of the week.

We can host your birthday party almost any time of the week. If you have a small group of less than 15 you can join a public session, however should you wish to have a private event and you have 15 – 19 you can have our venue privately except for Friday Night and Saturday Night where we require a minimum of 20.

Our Paint & Sip business is unique to Australia, in that we have a full bar and therefore, as our valued guests, providing there isn’t another event scheduled, you can party on at Paint Pinot, once you have created your masterpiece. 

Paint Pinot, Have Fun, Sip Wine and Be Creative. Cafe, Food.

Birthday Parties, Menu Packages & Wine List

Paint Pinot, Have Fun, Sip Wine and Be Creative. Cafe, Food.
Paint Pinot, Have Fun, Sip Wine and Be Creative. Cafe, Food.
Paint Pinot, Have Fun, Sip Wine and Be Creative. Cafe, Food.

The Painting Session Program

In most cases your painting session will run for 3 hours. We really like to highlight the importance of coming 15 minutes early. This is so that you can get a drink, take the odd selfie, socialise and get settled. The beginning of our painting session is the most important time, as a lot of information about painting, our paint, an the image that you have chosen will be delivered. It is difficult for our amazing artists to repeat instructions for late commers and incredibly boring for everyone, that have made the effort to be on time. We also want to give you the opportunity to have as much painting time as possible.

You will generally get a drink from the bar to begin with and if you’re a large group this can take time. You will also need to put on an apron to protect your clothes. Please be mindful of the clothes that you wear. If you have long flowing sleeves, you can easily drag your sleeves across the paint and our paint is top quality artist paint – beautiful to paint with, but not so beautiful to get out of your clothes.

The artist will go through some admin, generally about the paint and the painting process. He/she will then get you all started and make sure that you are all comfortable with the process of painting your chosen painting.

About an hour into our session, food will be served if packages have been organised. Please be mindful that if your are a large group, this will take time and not everyone may be eating at the same time.

We don’t generally stop the painting process to eat, but sometimes the organiser of your event may have made other plans.

We generally finish the painting about 10-15 minutes early, to give you time to take picture and the artist usually takes a group photo with your masterpieces. The paintings are then yours to take home.

Birthday party information pack: Download pdf

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    Paint Pinot, Have Fun, Sip Wine and Be Creative. Wine Glasses.

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